Forthcoming Programmes

Forthcoming programmes from SIRC of ICAI

Date Time CPE Structured Hours Topic & Speaker Fees
9-Mar-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Central Statutory Audit of Banks
-Chief Guest: CA. Amarjit Chopra, Past President, ICAI, 1) Issues in Advances and Treasury:CA. Dhananjay J Gokhale,Mumbai 2)Recent RBI Circulars, IFC, LFAR-CA. Niranjan V Joshi, Mumbai
Rs. 354
12-Mar-2021 05:00pm 5 hrs Refresher Course on Bank Branch Audit (12th &13th Mar, 21)
-1) IRAC Norms and Audit of Advances-CA. S. Ramesh, Chennai, 2)Bank Audit Planning and Documentation-CA. V. Jawahar, Hyderabad 3)Technology as an Audit tool in bank Audit-CA. Kuntal Shah, Ahmedabad4)New LFAR and other Certificates-CA. Mony Anandhasivan, Calicut
Rs. 236
16-Mar-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Bank Audit Using Excel
-CA. U Saran Kumar
Rs. 118
18-Mar-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Issues in GST Input Tax Credit
Rs. 236