CPE Meeting

Date Time CPE Structured Hours Topic & Speaker Fees
14-Aug-2020 04:00pm 2 hrs Virtual CPE Meeting on Peer Review
-1) "Overview of Peer Review" CA. Dayaniwas Sharma,Chairman, Peer Review Board, , 2) "Peer Review & Significance of Auditing Standards" CA Amarjit Chopra,Past President, ICAI
15-Aug-2020 10:00am 2 hrs Panel Discussion on "CA Profession, Indian Economy and Future Prospects"
-Panelists: CA. K. Ramaswamy, CA. Jose Pottokaran, CA. N. Nityananda & CA. Y. Eswara Prasada Reddy
20-Aug-2020 05:00pm 3 hrs Virtual CPE Meeting on New Code of Ethics
-1)"New Code of Ethics - Overview" CA. K. Raghu Past, President, ICAI," New Code of Ethics - Precautions" CA.Mohan R Lavi, Bengaluru
Rs. 118
26-Aug-2020 06:00pm 2 hrs Virtual CPE Meeting How to draft replies and pleadings to various notice under the Income Tax , 1961 - A Practical Aproach
-CA. Kapil Goel, Delhi
Rs. 118